Battery Saving Tips For Galaxy Ace

Battery Saving Tips For Galaxy Ace – The Galaxy Ace is equipped with Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1350 mAh, but the battery will not be sufficient to use one day, there are some tips to optimize battery usage on the smartphone to be used for a longer time.

Many mobile phone users who ignore or do not understand how the correct way to charge the phone. Caring for the battery is as important as taking care of the phone itself. When you need to recharge the battery to ensure that its contents were not over, remove from cable filling if the battery is fully charged, do not ever let tercharge phone all night, if you have to deduct his habit at night. As this will make the battery will be broken prematurely.

Samsung Ace battery usually takes 3 hours to fully charge, do not let more than that, it’s better than the less tercas over the filling.

Battery Saving Tips For Galaxy Ace

Many mobile users are often constantly charging his cell phone, even though the battery is still around 40% – 60%. So if you are not in the state it is necessary to use the phone wait until phone battery up to the lowest point, or even better, let the phone turns itself off, and recharge when the phone is turned off.

Always use the charge cable to recharge the battery, try to avoid using the USB cable connected to a PC or laptop and make sure the charge cable is a cable that is used according to specifications.

All batteries have a gold-colored pin holder, serves as a connector, because the use of pins sometimes be a little loose, so that electricity can not flow properly which resulted in the longer charging time and may reduce the life of the battery itself.

Never store simcard or other items under the battery cover, as this can cause serious problems in the battery, because the battery in its use will generate heat and require less space to release the heat.

Kejaringan 3G connection will take a lot of battery power, so if you do not really need a fast connection 3G, set your phone to always use the GPRS / EDGE which will conserve battery power.

Make sure that you set the brightness to the level of the lowest, and the screen backlight is not more than 15 seconds, because the user of battery power is greatest screen. The screen backlight on for 15 seconds is more than enough for most mobile phone users, and how to set this up is HOME, MENU, Settings, Display, Brightness and Screen timeout.

Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS when not in use.

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