Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Base Layout Farming, War, and Trophy Defense Setups

Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Base Layout Farming, War, and Trophy Defense Setups – Town Hall 7 is the first level in Clash of Clans where players actually have enough walls, traps, and towers piece together a very effective defensive layout. With the right base set up, TH7 players can create a farming, war, or trophy setup that will make other players think twice before attacking.


Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Base Layout Farming, War, and Trophy Defense Setups

Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Base Layout Farming, War, and Trophy Defense Setups

While you can still get cleared by enemy players using more expensive units (like a full Dragon army), players using the layout recommended in this guide will find that the majority of attackers will end up sniping a Town Hall or taking out just 1 storage building, leaving the bulk of your loot untouched.

This build is known as “The Mantis” and is not my original creation. I picked it up off the Supercell forums and it was originally posted by forum user Heizenbrg. I was looking for a base that would easily swap with a Town Hall for Clan Wars (pre-update that allowed for a separate war base). I was impressed with how well the base performed, and adopted this wall layout as my permanent base, moving the buildings around to adapt to different circumstances.

CoC Town Hall 7 Base Layout & Strategy Discussion

With the big increase in number of walls and towers available at Town Hall 7, this base has a lot going on as compared to early Town Hall defenses. Below, I will break down why certain buildings are placed the way they are and how the base plays out.

One new feature of this base not used at earlier Town Hall levels is the presence of three openings in the wall that serve to funnel Giants over Spring Traps or Big Bombs. When towers are close to one another with no walls between them, it is natural for Giants to move from one tower to the next. With only a single gap of space for the Giants to travel over and a Spring Trap placed carefully in this space, Giants get flipped.

Most (but not all) players are wise to funnels at this point. A well-placed funnel is often enough to discourage an attack altogether, so do not consider it a loss if players know they should avoid funnels.

What the funnels really do is limit the areas that players can attack from when approaching this base. Nearly every attack on this base comes from one of three spots. Ground attacks almost exclusively come from either the southwest or northwest edges of the base. Air attacks come almost exclusively from either the northwest edge or southern point of the base. Since there is an extra storage unit on the west side of the base, most attacks come from the western side.

Ground attacks from the southwest are the most common. Players use Wall Breakers to break through the southwestern wall in order to get access to the cell with the Cannon and Archer Tower. Two more sets of Wall Breakers are dropped, giving players access to the center cell of the base that contains the Air Defense towers as well as two of the three Mortars.  The Town Hall is specifically placed at the southwestern portion of the base; not only does it provide a buffer against ground attacks, but it ensures players get a shield with each enemy attack.

I typically do not like to place both Air Defenses and two Mortars so close to one another. There are too many valuable structures in the center cell. However, this is a necessary evil at TH7, as piling a lot of structures in the center of the base gives you a large enough base to fit the Clan Castle perfectly in the center of the base without allowing its units to be easily lured out.

The best thing about the specific layout of the base pictured above is that it is designed to protect the Dark Elixir storage. Both Wizard Towers are within range of the Dark Elixir storage, as are all three Mortars. Goblins cannot tank the towers with a Healing Spell while burning down the Dark Elixir storage. Instead, the enemy player needs to clear most of the base before getting access to the Dark Elixir storage. Dark Elixir is by far the most valuable resource at Town Hall 7 as players are all struggling to get enough Dark Elixir to unlock and then upgrade their Barbarian King.

Wars and Trophies

For Wars and Trophies, simply swap out one of the structures within the center of the base and replace it with the Town Hall. You will have to move some of the buildings around so that the Town Hall is in the center of the base (as a 4×4 building, it must be placed directly in the center of the chamber to fit). For Clan Wars, you can just put a storage building on the outside of the base. If you want to farm trophies but protect your resources, you may need to rearrange a bit more to make the base work.

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