How To Conserve Battery Samsung Galaxy

How To Conserve Battery Samsung Galaxy – The majority of smartphone users would want the best features for the device, larger screen and using the latest technology, a faster processor, higher RAM capacity and a variety of wireless connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, 3G, NFC and so on, the word “best” does not seem to have a limit, we always want something more than they are now.

But unfortunately the battery technology is not able to keep pace with the development of other components, so often we are in a situation where the smartphone runs out of power at the wrong time.

In this article we will give tips, how to save battery on your samsung or maximize the use of battery power. But of course by following battery saving tips in this article, do not necessarily multiply semerta battery of your Samsung Galaxy. How to save battery on the Samsung Galaxy.

Turn off the sound and unnecessary vibration

Sound or tone is unnecessary here like, sound when you tap on a button, open the lockscreen. Likewise with subtle vibration vibration when you tap on a button. The tone and subtle vibrations that appear when you tap on a button actually confirmation that you have successfully pressed a button, of course such a thing is no longer needed. The tone and subtle vibrations that appear, still using battery power, the power used is small but if done repeatedly still be wasteful in the use of battery power.

So is the notification for calls, sms, email or notifications incoming applications and notifications from social media facebook or twitter.

Use a ringtone or notification tone does not need to use a short length of tone especially when using a song from beginning to end, it is not necessary. In addition to not need to use a tone and vibrate at the same time as the notification sign, just use one type of notification tone or vibration do not use both.

Adjust the screen brightness

How To Conserve Battery Samsung Galaxy

How To Conserve Battery Samsung Galaxy screen is consuming battery power is greatest in smartphones, the bigger the screen the more battery power is used. Lowering the screen brightness to the lowest point where you still can see well the information on the screen is the best solution to reduce battery consumption on the screen.

If your smartphone has been equipped with automatic brightness adjustment, ignore it if you plan to use your smartphone continuously for a long time.

Set Screen TimeOut

Set Screen TimeOut

Screen TimeOut is the waiting time before the screen turns off automatically when the phone is not in use. All smartphone or tablet android has this feature, As mentioned above the display is consuming the most battery power so adjust the level of the minimum value for this feature saves battery power significantly.

So Screen TimeOut feature can conserve battery power if set up correctly, the advice we set this feature in a duration of 10 or 15 seconds.

Email and Accounts

Unbeknownst to you, email applications and accounts continue to drain the battery as they attempt to sync and pull the data keponsel. If you do not overuse email, open the email app in the settings menu and then set the synchronization frequency to “never” or “manual.” For other accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, go into the application settings and implement the same. Or, open the settings menu and turn off the auto-sync feature.

Task Manager

Android operating system has been designed to perform memory management very well, so in fact you do not need anymore smartphone application additional taks manager, because it has to have its own task manager application. Press and hold the Home button to open the task manager on samsung galaxy, here you will see the running applications, these applications broom left or to the right to close it.

Use the “Back” button

If you have finished using an application using the back button to return to the homescreen, do not use the “Home” unless the application is to be used again, when the back button is used for closed applications while using the home button “application will continue to run and will take memory and battery.

Check the battery power usage of applications

Regularly monitor your applications to see which consumes battery power. Click the “Settings> Battery” to see where the culprit application. Remove unnecessary applications, especially applications always connect to the internet.

Recharge your batteries correctly Galaxy

Recharge the battery properly is a bit more complicated than you might imagine, charge the battery in the right way will help improve battery life to keep it working properly for a long time. Avoid spending power until the battery is completely discharged, the charging as soon as the notification has emerged that the battery is completely discharged.

However, once a month a month you have to completely drain the battery runs out, then recharge without interruption to the brim to maintain optimum performance of a battery. But you need to pay attention to drain the battery in a way that is not right will actually make the shorter the battery life.

The correct way to drain the battery of your Samsung Galaxy is after the power has reached 5 percent, raise the level of maximum screen brightness kelevel turn off all wireless connections, allow the screen stays on until eventually turn itself off because of a smartphone running out of power.

So remember to do one full cycle charging battery can extend the battery life of your samsung.

Note the temperature

Hot temperatures will release the battery power more quickly, and Lithium-ion batteries do not fit in with the hot temperatures. Avoid your phone in direct sunlight for long periods.

live Wallpaper

Animated live wallpaper does look beautiful on the screen and can make the homescreen to be more lively, fun and not boring, but behind it, adding a live wallpaper will display the battery power consumption. So if you want to conserve battery life using standard wall paper, dark is better, especially if your phone uses Super AMOLED screen.

Third-Party Applications

Be careful if you install third-party applications that can affect battery performance such as task manager application and battery-saving applications. Some applications are made with poor quality in the long run instead of doing the opposite of its function saves battery power drain instead. eliminating device. Use the task manager and the innate power saver your Samsung mobile phone. Other applications can also cause system errors regularly check the battery consumption application you install.

Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode

How To Conserve Battery Samsung Galaxy GalaxyJika you equipped with Power Saving Mode, use if battery power begins to decline, to extend its use. This feature will disable all wireless connections, stop the application synchronization is done behind the scenes, with the aim of reducing the screen brightness to save battery power.

Restart regularly

Whenever recharge your smartphone battery, do not forget to restart it as well. This serves to free the memory of the applications are still running behind the scenes, such as the update process that lasts a long time because of poor network connection.

Turn off GPS, data connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi when not in use

GPS if it is used is one of the drain on battery power, as well as 3G data connection. Browsing the Internet and using the using the google map is one activity that really draining the battery.

So turn off the GPS when not in use, change the network mode from 3G to 2G, it will save a lot of battery power. Same thing with a wifi or bluetooth connection NFC, immediately turn off when not needed.

Compress the data

Some browsers can compress the data before sending it, it will speed up the process of loading a web page so as to save more battery power. If you use Chrome as a browser to set this to “Settings> Bandwidth Management> Reduce Data Usage.”

So how to save battery on the Samsung Galaxy, if you can do well all the tips above it will at least be able to extend the use of the battery for 4 to 5 hours.

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