Easy Ways to Fix Damaged Screen Android phone

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 - Thecnology

Easy Ways to Fix Damaged Screen Android phone – Currently, many users do not understand how the Touchscreen mobile phone. because almost all touchscreen phones currently use no screen, no longer use the keypad as aid unless the Call, End Call and Menu.

Easy Ways to Fix Damaged Screen Android phone

Easy Ways to Fix Damaged Screen Android phone

Many, who says if the touchscreen does not work even though we’ve touched many times, the damage is on the LCD. Turns Touchscreen damage affected only the upper part of the screen, not on the LCD in it, because they are separate.

To better know clearly we repair the damage Touchscreen on mobile phones Asiafone. This phone damage occurs because the screen does not work even when disentuk many times to play the features therein. if there kerusahakan touchsreen screen, the things you need to do is:

  1. The first step open the battery cover and the bolt, and then open the casing and away from the engine.
  2. At the time of the engine / PCB already separated with the chassis, you will see the LCD screen there are two layers. The top layer is part touchscreen function when touched, then the top of the screen cover are the cause of the damage.
  3. You may not immediately revoke this touchsreen glass just like that, because at the bottom there are connected with a flexible flexible LCDdan was soldered, then you must open the solder and then replace it. Remember you have to be careful.
  4. After successfully pull it out, you can replace it with the new Touchscreen. The price range of less than Touchscreen LCD prices. To buy it, you can bring Touchscreen damaged as an example.
  5. The next step, plug Touchscreen back, and welded using solder.
  6. After successfully installing the touchscreen, you do not immediately replace the casing and screw the bolt, but mencobaya with naked positions beforehand, is to anticipate if the phone is still not functioning properly.
  7. If the Touchscreen is working correctly, then you should do the calibration settings screen in order to function properly. Calibration is setting in the menu setting-calibration and follow the sign of the cross dilayarnya. if the calibration is failed, then you should recheck the installation.

If you’ve done the above but still broken, then you need to do is replace the LCD screen Tablet. But you do not worry SoftwareBB will mengarjakan to you How To Change Your Own LCD screen without bothering to bring it to a service hp. Here’s How to Replace the LCD Screen Tablet.

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