What is HDR feature and When to Use

What is HDR feature and When to Use – High Dynamic Range or better known as HDR actually a feature that has long been used in the field of photography that is now used as one of the features of the smartphone’s camera. This feature is able to produce beautiful photos with amazing detail and lighting.

The camera has a limited amount of image detail that can be recorded, the amount of image detail that can be recorded depends on the current light conditions. Whichever way the user uses to take pictures, whether to use automatic settings or manually adjust the camera settings the ultimate goal of taking pictures is to maximize the detail that can be recorded based on ambient light conditions. The problem that often arises is when low light conditions or excessive detail recorded images are often not optimal.

What is HDR feature and When to Use

Dynamic range or dynamic range is the ratio of the light kegelap, to maximize the detail that can be recorded HDR feature does not just take a picture but it takes three images with different exposure levels and then combine it with taking the best part. The results should be as seen by the eyes of the user not being seen by the camera in other words more natural.

This is the reason why when the user activates the HDR feature on smartphones, the camera takes longer to produce a picture, because the camera had to take three pictures instead of one third of the image and then combines them into one image.

Whenever suitable HDR feature

This feature serves to improve the quality of shots in certain situations, so this feature can not actually be used in all situations.

  • The best situation for using this feature are as berikutMengambil pictures of scenery or landscape, taking pictures of landscapes were done outdoors usually have a lot of contrast between the sky and the ground, which is in fact the situation is difficult for the camera because the sky is usually too bright so the ground will appear too dark. By using the HDR feature can be captured sky detail without making the soil becomes too dark
  • The light is too abundant, as mentioned above lighting is one of the aspects that affect the quality of results when shooting, but too much light when taking a photo of someone like sunny weather and direct sunlight on to the object or the lighting situation from the front too hard , because the light entering into the camera sensor is usually too strong can cause a person’s face is the object of the image becomes dark or too bright so the amount of detail that is recorded is not maximal. HDR features can maximize the quality of the images on this situation.
  • Less light, reverse the above when low light conditions or light from behind is too strong, the results are usually the parts are solid black or detail section is not caught.

When was the HDR feature is not suitable

As mentioned above this feature is not suited for all situations because in certain situations this feature instead of increasing the image quality may worsen outcome.

  • Here the situation is not suitable to use feature ini.Objek move, if that becomes the object in motion then this feature can not function properly because the result would be blurred out of focus. This is because as discussed previously this feature take 3 photos at a time and of course when you take three images can not be done at the same time still no lag when taking photos though each jedanya a very short time.
  • High contrast, in some situations the photos look very beautiful because of differences in darkness and light is strong, for example if the user wants to take the shadow of the object that is usually dark or black, now this feature will attempt to raise the level of light in that section, so that shooting purposes is not reached.

Most smartphones are equipped with this feature would normally be used when the results will display two images, one using the HDR feature and the other without the use of HDR. So the user can try to use this feature in any circumstances, to compare the results, but do not use it at all on a moving object.

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