How To Add Airpush Banner

How To Add Airpush Banner – Yesterday, after adding a post about how to add mopub banner ads and mopub multiple banner.Today I will discuss a bit about airpush. Airpush is one of the major companies engaged inadvertising providers that require the publisher and advertiser. Advertiser herein are those whoadvertise the application, game or contentnya that visited and preferred by many people while theduty of the publisher is none other than spreading advertisement from the advertiser throughintegration in android apps and games, but now airpush also been added concentration on the website. ( Read : How To Add MOPUB Banner )

To minimize the time, I will explain what is needed to study the airpush banner advertising. Way thatwill I bring about the same by inserting ads into the project mopub android, system and do the same,so if the previous tutorial you have successfully added mopub banner ads and mopub multiple banner, it will be very easy for you to learn and experiment for new thing.

As usual, all you need is one of the software maker android application that eclipse, androidstudio.However, I do not use both software but AIDE android application that helps me to experiment freelyfrom my hp.

Once you have one of the software maker android app is up and running well, the last needed is a sample project or initial project provided by the maker software application, call it Hello Worldproject. Thus we will begin coding to insert ads into the project airpush android. ( Read : Multi Banner Mopub )

How To Add Airpush Banner

In the Hello World project, there are many files and folders, but we need only a few files likeAndroidManifest.xml, main.xml (located in the folder res layout main.xml) and (located in the src folder ). Here are more appropriate steps and details.

  • In the Hello World project, add the libs folder, this folder will be used to store our Airpush SDKdownload on his website.
  • Open the AndroidManifest.xml file and add the code below. Add these lines below your uses-sdk. airpushbannermanifestAnd add these lines inside your <application> tag ( Read :Multi Banner Airpush )lanjutanairpushbannermanifestEnter your APIKEY AppId and the activity above, and also make sure you change the name in accordance with the SDK SDK com.yuasvvjb.nnrwsvu215406 provided by the airpush for yourapplication.
  • Furthermore, adding the code in the file main.xml like the code below. airpushbannermainAdjust row <com.yuasvvjb.nnrwsvu215406 into rows corresponding to the name of your AirpushSDK.
  • Open the file and add the code like below.  ( Read : Multi Banner Admob Version 6.4.1 )airpushbannerjava
  • Edit Import row above and adjust the Airpush SDK name given by them for you.
  • Save and Compile your project, to test ads, use the emulator or your phone.

If you want to bring up the banner ads as much as 3 or even more, simply copy and paste the codethat is in main.xml and, then replace the name id” it then you‘ve managed tocreate applications with multi banner.

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