How to Browse in Text Only Mode in Android Phone

How to Browse in Text Only Mode in Android Phone – Images and videos drain extra data usage and also slow down the webpage loading that’s many people prefer disabling them to view only the text for fast web browsing. A few days back, I was published an article about how to browse Internet only in text mode in Chrome browser (computer).

How to Browse in Text Only Mode in Android Phone

How to Browse in Text Only Mode in Android Phone

In the today’s article, I’m going to tell you how to surf Internet in text only mode in your Android phone. However, this guide is not about Chrome browser because I didn’t find any feature in Chrome for Android to block images and videos. But, don’t worry because here’s another great Android browser that will do the trick.

I found about 5 Android browsers that allow users to browse in text mode but among those 5 only 2 of them are worth installing in the device.

Here’re the Two Android Browsers to Surf Internet in Text Only Mode

1. UC Browser

UC Browser is a great Android web browser widely popular for lightning speed. Other than this it also has one of the great features for browsing Internet in text only mode.

So, if you wanna speed up your Internet browsing in Android and don’t wanna lose your data usage in loading images and videos, just turn on the Text Mode option of UC browser which will automatically block all the images and videos on the webpage and show only the text.UC browser

To enable text mode in UC browser, tap on the Menu button, go to Preferences and tap on the Text Only option. It’s all. Now you will only see the text by without images and videos.

2. Text Browser

It’s not as good as UC browser and in fact not even comparable with UC browser but still I’m mentioning it here because it’s a text only browser that is simply made to browse Internet in text only made.

It automatically blocks all the images and video files from webpages to display only text view to visitors. So, if you’re crazy to read things without seeing the pictures or videos, it might be a good browser for you.

Here’s a screenshot of this Text Browser:Text Browser

A Suggestion For My Dear Readers

By using the above mentioned browsers you can easily browse in text only mode in Android phone without any hassle but you know it’s your loss! Yes my friend, along with text, images are also very important to stay engaged with the content. If you’re reading any stuff where images are not that important, you can browse in text only mode but according to you shouldn’t miss images because they are important and that’s why I never recommend to use text only mode for web browsing because you can miss lots of important stuff to see.

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