Multi Banner Airpush

Multi Banner Airpush – Previously I’ve posted a tutorial how to add single banner airpush on android project, now I willmodify the post that originally gave rise only 1 ad banner so that now you can bring up the banner ads airpush more than 1 or in other words the Multi Banner.

Multi Banner is a collection of some banner ads are arranged in neat, systematic and does not result in an error in your android app. This I have proved, airpush banner ads bring more than one, but sometimes it does not appear appropriate advertising airpush our expectations and if the ads that you want to spend so much, sometimes the ads that came out just a plain white color but it alsocounts as advertising because when the click you will be taken to address ad is clicked. ( Read : How To Add MOPUB Banner )

I mentioned in my previous post about Mopub Multi Banner, that to add multiple banners on androidproject, system and do the same just different code entered.

Multi Banner Airpush

To minimize the time, let’s edit the returned results of a previous study using Airpush Single Bannerproject, there is no code that we will change but just add a few lines of code only. The code will be added here are the main.xml file while the other files or AndroidManifest.xml and MainActivity.javano additions. For further explanation, let’s start the tutorial. ( Read : Multi Banner Admob Version 6.4.1 )

  • Single Banner Airpush tutorial, sample code on main.xml is as follows.airpushmultimain
  • To create android project with multi-banner, it would require the addition of a few lines of code. The code is as follows. ( Read : Multi Banner Mopub )airpushmultimainadd
  • Put the above code just below the code Airpush Single Banner previously.
  • Need to make sure that the line <com.yuasvvjb.nnrwsvu215406 to change in accordance with theSDK name given by the Airpush to you.
  • Save and Compile your project, to test ads, use the emulator or your phone.

Thank you for visiting and attention, may be useful and wait for my next tutorial. ( Read : How To Add Airpush Banner )