How to Recognize Genuine Samsung Galaxy S5 And The Fake

How to Recognize Genuine Samsung Galaxy S5 And The Fake – There was no denying the rampant lately made Android smartphone is very similar to resemble the original version of the leading manufacturers, this phenomenon is commonly known as supercopy or terms KW. Supercopy Android smartphone or KW is often found in stores or online shop selling hp, a lot of people away with a very skewed price can get Android smartphone from the famous brands and types, and one of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 just launched recently dilluncurkan there was already his supercopy version.

Supercopy of Samsung Galaxy S5 has its own name that is Goophone S5 comes two days after the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Goophone S5 made with less quality good with the original Samsung Galaxy S5, especially if his attention only from afar. If you are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 instead of the official outlets, it’s worth listening troubleshooting table below to determine the difference between the original Samsung Galaxy S5 with supercopy.

How to Recognize Genuine Samsung Galaxy S5 And The Fake

Another variant is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 S7 comes with a code that highlight the durability of its hardware because the S7 features a waterproof, unlike the original Samsung Galaxy S5 is only water resistant. If you are difficult to distinguish which form the technical specifications of the original Samsung Galaxy S5, some of the following may help you to know if the original Samsung Galaxy S5 or its clones.

  • Try doing the shooting and see how her performance, one of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera is a real-time HDR.
  • In the original S5 Samsung Galasy no fingerprint scanner on the home button and heart pressure monitor on the back below the LED flash.
  • Open the Settings menu / settings and features will be found the original version of Samsung’s flagship features include Smart Stay.
  • The original Samsung have some of their typical applications that S Health, ChatOn, Samsung Wallet, SideSync 3.0 or Samsung Content Viewer.
  • The original Samsung Galaxy S5 using USB version 3.0, not version 2.0. Striking differences seen in the types of slots which has 2 USB v3.0 ports for USB v2.0 while only 1.
  • In supercopy smartphones / cloning / artificial / fake usually still use Chinese in the application and seetings / settings.

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