Samsung Galaxy Alpha Not Really Made of Metal

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Not Really Made of MetalOn this occasion the admin will share information about Samsung Galaxy Alpha Not Really Made of Metal.

A few days ago rumors that the latest smartphone from Samsung on the Galaxy line of Alpha will have a body made of metal. At the same time it also came to the public information that the handset will be released later this year.

However, in anticipation of the official announcement will be made that the South Korean manufacturer, it seems this time there were some pictures that were published through social networks Weibo to explain the shape of the Galaxy Alpha. From these postings also find that there is a body of Samsung Galaxy Alpha will have a metallic material, on the contrary, the material will only find on the side of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Not Really Made of Metal

If the image is true – true Samsung Galaxy Alpha, they not only reveal the design of the metal sides of the device, and its similarity to the Apple iPhone’s biggest competitor. You will see a rectangular shape with rounded corners and the front of the unit adopted the theme of a traditional design that almost resembles Apple’s handset.

Even so, a lot of expectations of consumers who want the latest gadget Samsung announced the Galaxy Alpha in this year’s IFA show in 2014, where the company is also expected to reveal the fourth generation of the line Samsung Galaxy Note.Tags: galaxy price alpha alpha galaxy made of metal-metal latest samsung samsung samsung metal samsung galaxy metal metal prices bm ki alpha samsung price samsung samsung alpha alpha when published diindo?

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