Using Multi Window On The Samsung Galaxy S4

Using Multi Window On The Samsung Galaxy S4 – When talking about the costume android interface, TouchWiz interface samsung android-made costume is often referred to as the most severe and burdensome overall performance, but on the other hand-made Samsung interface is often present with a variety of features, one of the best is “Multi Window”

What is a multi-window

Multi Window allows users to run two applications simultaneously display on the same screen. For example, Browsing the Internet while watching a movie or read an e-mail at the same time check the status updates of friends on facebook

How to use the multi-window feature

By default the Multi Window feature is active. But if this feature has been turned off earlier, it must be activated in order to open the Quick Settings in the notification bar by using two fingers to bring up the notification bar.

Notifikasi Bar

Accessing these features can be done by pressing and holding the “back” button Button Back

  • To start using this feature, the tabs on the icon (picture) on the justify side of the screen, to open the multi-window menu

Tab Multi Window

Tip: Users can move the location of this menu by tapping and hold and drag to another location

Open Multi Window

  • Tap and drag / drag an application from the menu to open multiple windows on the screen. A transparent blue box will appear to indicate where to position the window will appear.

Drag Multiwindow

Dual View

With multi menu window is open the tap and drag an app kelayar to open applications side by side, like the example below where the music player is running then the video player will launch and both are displayed simultaneously.


To resize a window, tap and hold on the icon round blue towards the center of the screen and then drag the desired

Use Dual View

Tap on the icon Iconwill bring up the following options:
  • Icon Multiwindow Open the application pile (cascading)
  • Icon Position Swap the positions of the windows
  • Icon Help Bring up the help menu multi window
  • Icon Multiwindow Fullscreen Full Screen for the currently active window
  • Icon Multiwindow CloseClosing the windows that are active

Editing Menu Multi window

The list of applications that are multi-window menu can be set which applications will be placed there, by tapping on the button more Icon More Multiwindow  which is at the bottom, then tap the edit icon Icon Multiwindow Edit. After that the user can edit the applications in the menu and sorted.

Edit Multiwindow

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